Wizard Set (GOLD TRIMMED) — Codes are: 7386, 7390, and 7394…

Black Set (GOLD TRIMMED) — Codes are: 2591, 2595, 2597, and 2593…

Zammy Armor— Codes are: 2659, 2655, 2653, and 2657…

Al’s Party Hat (YAY!) — Code: 8062

Barrows Party Hat— Code: 8056

Al’s Whip— Code: 8063

Dragon Party Hat— Code: 8055

Mithril Party Hat— Code: 8053

Bronze Party Hat— Code: 8051

Grey Party Hat— Code: 8050

Stell Party Hat— Code: 8052

Orange Party Hat— Code: 8048

GOLD PARTY HAT— Code: 8049

Black Santa Hat— Code: 8030

Addy Santa Hat— Code: 8034

Rune Santa Hat— Code: 8032

Mithril Santa Hat— Code: 8031

Purple Santa Hat— Code: 8029

Blue Santa Hat— Code: 8039

Michael’s Whip— Code: 8046

White Whip— Code: 8045

Red Whip— Code: 8041

Unknown Color Whip— Code: 8040

Dark Blue Whip— Code: 8060

Silver Whip— Code: 8061

Purple Whip— Code: 8039

Aubree Whip— Code: 8047

GOLD WHIP— Code: 8044

Wood Whip— Code: 8059

Gikid’s Whip— Code: 8036

Blue Whip— Code: 8042

Cape of Legends— Code: 1052

Dragon Set— Codes: 7962, 7960, 7964, 4087, and 3140…

Dragon Schimmy— Code: 4587

Dragon Longsword— Code: 1305

Dragon Deffender— Code: 7966

Dragon 2H— Code: 7158

Dragon Halberd— Code: 3204

Dragon Battle Axe— Code: 1377

ANGER SWORD— Code: 7806

ANGER MACE— Code: 7808

GHOSTLY HOOD— Code: 7995

GHOSTLY ROBE— Code: 6107


GHOSTLY CAPE— Code: 6111

Trout— Code: 0333

Great Axe— Code: 4718

Abyssal Whip— Code: 4152

Red Halloween Mask— Code: 1058

Crystal Bow— Code: 4213

Red Party Hat—  Code: 1039

Bunny Ears— Code: 1037

Green Party Hat— Code: 1044

Zammy God Sword— Code: 7970

Saradomin God Sword— Code: 7969

Santa Hat— Code: 1050

Scyth— Code: 1419

Ourg Bones— Code: 4835

Basket of Eggs— Code: 4565

Full Torag’s— Codes: 4746, 4748, 4750, and 4752

Easter Egg— Code: 1962

Chrismas Cracker— Code: 0963

Law Rune— Code: 0563

Air Rune— Code: 0556

Blood Rune— Code: 0565

Earth Rune— Code: 0557

Water Rune— Code: 0555

Mind Rune— Code: 0558

Body Rune— Code: 0559

Nature Rune— Code: 0561

Soul Rune— Code: 0566

Cosmic Rune— Code: 0564

Death Rune— Code: 0560

Chaos Rune— Code: 0562

Fire Rune— Code: 0554

999 MIL— Code: 1001 999999999 (Nine 9’s)


Alright, people! Still more codes to come! Hope you enjoy your new items!!! Remember to leave a comment!!!



~Icedflamez, the King of FrugooScape Codes…


60 Responses to CODES

  1. daniel says:

    do u have the range code if u do can u plz plz plz tell me plz ty 🙂 🙂 😛 😀 plz plz plz plz….

  2. daniel says:

    what is the code for the dragon scim plz 🙂

  3. raffithebest says:

    king of frugoo scape codes like ur my best friend lol ty for codes!! 😉

  4. josh says:

    whats code for anger mace?

  5. good cheese i mean cheatz

  6. rose5678 says:

    nice codes

  7. IdectBobmarley says:

    can u get codes 4 pets????????

  8. IdectBobmarley says:

    if u can plz tell me them

  9. jake says:

    hey wat is the code to the ancient staff and ghostly robe set

  10. renalde (my frugoo name) says:

    Hello, im a FrugooScape player and i want some codes. if you know it, e’mail it me please.

    (my e’mail adress is:

    Apprentice wand

    Master wand

    Teacher wand

    Slave boots

    Slave shirt

    Slave robe

    Infinity top

    Infinity bottoms


    Zombie trousers

    Zombie mask

    Zombie shirt

    Zombie boots

    Zombie gloves


    Box with zanik

    Toy mouse


    Bobble hat

    Bobble scarf

    Beginner wand


    Rat pole

    Doctors hat

    Nurse hat



    Pirate’s hat

    Pirate’s hook

    Highwayman mask

    Gas mask

    Glowing dagger

    Old boot

    Blurite sword


    please e’mail it me,

    the codes.. my e’mail adress is:

  11. haz says:

    need rune bar code plz

  12. iamyou says:

    thx for the codes but you so need more like food and manteray and stuff

  13. your mum says:

    wat r the pet codes eg dragon, racoon, penguin.

  14. GIGADRAIN44 says:


  15. wardy says:

    can u put on more things to kill because there is only players u can kill and i want monsters ok plzzz put sum on like, king black dragon, all the other dragons, main all the big things 2 kill ok plz

  16. thepeep says:

    dang these codes are awesome

  17. boo boo says:


  18. Finksta says:

    i really want to know wat the codes are for like a hell cat or clockwork cat plz or anyother type of pet plz and thank you

  19. Finksta says:

    and also can u tell me codes for all of the wands begging apprentice etc…

  20. Finksta says:

    also full salve yo-yo and a glowing dagger thank your very very much you are a lot of help

  21. shadow xxx5 says:

    and the rest of the ghostly stuff

  22. mr626 says:

    what is code for dragon short sword?

  23. villow4 says:

    wat code 4 dragon poison dagger ++

  24. sure says:

    there is no code for a d short

  25. ur awsome but u need to find the code for range xp cuz there is one even though noone uses it…….. and ya i know there is 1 cuz my friend typed it in and it gave him enuf xp to go from lvl33 range to lvl70

  26. jaymanhey24689 says:

    oh and u need to get the code for the devils whip(unkown to even most runescape mems and mods)

  27. jaymanhey24689 says:

    wuts the code for a strung magic bow

  28. jaymanhey24689 says:

    hey (sure) there is a code for a d short cuz i got 1 u noob

  29. Blair says:

    hell-cat code?

  30. tank says:

    im very glad you have all these codes.They will come handy!

  31. Finksta says:

    When will frugooscape get back up it is getting my mad and plz get my a hell cat code or any other pet plz and also the other codes i asked for plz…=)

  32. som1 says:

    can u plz make a code for an abyssel demon pet

  33. im new says:

    do you have a code for range if so plz tell me im a big fan of urs

  34. Zack says:

    hey, whats ze god for the easter ring? and everything renalde said O.o

  35. dude wats up says:

    if you know any of these codes plz send to my email address =

    all colors of party hats
    full dharoks
    full ahrims
    full armydal
    full dragon(with ful helm not med but med is ok if cant find full)
    sharks (as many as possible)
    santa hat normal
    dragonfire shield

    plz do! this is first time playing but i am gonna play beta not ultimate

  36. dude wats up says:

    oh yeah sorry and xmas crackers

  37. dude wats up says:

    all the stuff above can you put o the codes page (only the codes that arnet ther)

  38. i wanna play frugooscape says:

    whats the codes for the following:

    magic shortbow
    rune arrows
    range skillcape
    fire cape
    black d hide set
    attack skillcape
    str skillcape
    quest cape

    pm me on frugooscape when it comes on ill post my user when it does

  39. dude wats up says:

    also can you get hellcat or abbysal deamon pets?

  40. Reddevil says:

    what about skill cape’s?

  41. Reddevil says:

    guthix code and sara armour please.
    and also
    christmas cracker
    thank you

  42. DO i need any megabytes? says:

    what are the codes for
    Black caviler hat
    cape of legends
    black d hide chaps
    desert boots
    magic bow amulet of fury
    black d hide vamb
    archer ring
    And do i need any megabytes to play this?cause it wont work when the server was back on before.

  43. dude wats up says:

    yo can you get some really good shields like dragonfire and dragon sq or obby shield
    alsoget range stuff plz this site is the best for me on earth cuz you rock!i dont normally say this but i love this site!

  44. dude wats up says:

    also when i go to it goes to a screen were it say “this screen is not a valid site or somthin like that then it gives me alll these opthions like mabey you spelled it wrong or try a different site but i typed it in correctly if anybody has any ideas for this plz comment them i look a this page everyday and leave a comment

  45. noob787 says:

    omg all skillcapes codes r ::newstufff1 for cape ::newstuff2 for hoods and god sword
    and ::newstuff0 for all the god swords difrent coloured wips

  46. i got ALOT of codes says:

    Raw trout 0334 1000000000
    and many more

  47. manea101 says:

    Is there a cheat or code somthing like this ::free armour or ::newstuff?
    eny was this is an awsome cheat and code place!

  48. manea101 says:

    is there code’s to get free xp in frugoo scape?
    please please please please please please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. coolbunny203 says:

    al says that frugooscape ultimate might be up at july 27 but there are still chances that it might be later

  50. manea101 says:


  51. manea101 says:

    thats tommorow……

  52. conner120 says:

    you rock!

  53. conneer says:

    hey ty for codes

  54. Coolbunny203 says:

    lol but does anybody know whet website frugoo scape ultimate is?

  55. emo boi says:

    thx 4 these codes!

  56. JessieBabe says:

    thanks for the rune codes!!!

  57. Coolbunny203 says:


  58. hi says:

    do u know wat the code for helm of niez is?

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